Book Clutch

17 Jan

Ever since I saw this tutorial for a book clutch on See Kate Sew I have been searching thrift stores and yard sales for the perfect book. Last week I was out thrifting and I came across this very plain clutch. I will admit at first I passed it by without a second thought but upon second glance I noticed its true potential.
I dashed home with the illlusion that I had already purchased the perfect book to make this clutch. Disheartened, I put the plain black clutch into my craft room closet till I could find its book soul mate. (Insert tear)

About a month after this sad disillusionment I recieved a flyer from our local library that they were hosting a HUGE book sale. I was down there faster than you could say “Hey! Don’t forget the ice cream.”  That is where I found this gem.

It was like at first sight.

I ripped out the center of the book. Which was one of the hardest things I had to do that hour. In my defense I did use the pages for envelopes. Then I just pasted the clutch inside. Tada…craft in minutes.


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