27 Before 28 Recap

20 Jan

Hey Everyone,

I made a list last year of things I would like to get done before my birthday the following year. I orgianlly got this idea from Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess. If you have never done this I would highly suggest it. The list was well though out and I found myself trying very hard each month to check a few things off the list. Honestly, it was like a little piece of birthday every month. I wrote my list on a piece of white card stock and laminated it. It hung in my craft room for the entire year. People who came over to craft often commented it and believe it or not it became a conversation piece in my craft room. I think I will start keeping these sheets of paper and putting them in a binder so that next year I can look back on it and have some found memories of it. Hmmm…that gets me thinking actually. More on that later though.

First things first. Someone start a drum roll please.

27 Before 28 Complete

For the record I did read 100 books this year not 50. Someone (who shall remain nameless..me *cough) half way through the year thought I wasn’t going to meet my goal and so that imposter in a moment of weakness scratched out 100 and put 50. Shame!

Things I didn’t complete :

Learn Spanish- This really was a wishful thinking goal. For some reason I always start out strong and then it fizzles. Drat.

Read Martha Stewart Cooking at Home – I enjoy a good Martha read every once in a while but this year…I just wasn’t feeling it. 

Calligraphy- This was actually the first goal I tried to cross off. Once I started learning this I kinda got bored with it. 

15 new stitches-I think I learned one new stitch but I found I like the back stitch a whole lot this year. 

2 new states- Just didn’t happen. It’s all good. I spent most of my time travelin’ around Cali. I mean this state is big enough. 

Sew an apron-After my granny gave me several vintage aprons, I figured I could spend my energy elsewhere. 

Finish Decorate house– I didn’t finish decorating my house. Although, I did start and it looked really cool though out the year. I changed every few months. 

Make a photography light box-I have mixed feelings about this one. I really wanted a light box in the beginning but the more I learn about myself as a photographer I am more of an on the go candid moment gal. 

Start a compost pile- I did some research into this and was totally intimated by the smell and the insects that like compost piles. I am kinda still freaking out about the horn worm from last summer. Yuck. 

I really enjoyed challenging myself to try new things. It was a challenge and to be honest the things that I didn’t complete weren’t really top priority for me. I started to realize that as I grew up somethings that meant a lot to me in the beginning of the year didn’t mean as much to me as the year went by. 

I will be posting my new list next week. Have a great weekend friends.

I am off to eat cake!


One Response to “27 Before 28 Recap”

  1. chalker January 21, 2012 at 12:22 pm #

    I had to go back and reread one of the things you had written, because the first time down the list I thought it said visit two different Staters (Me, thinking you meant Stater Bros) and I thought well okay, I guess if thats important to her, then I decided to go back and reread it…..gave me a laugh and happy to know it said two states! You have to definitely plan a trip for you and Ryan to Yellowstone some time and Oregon and Washington….we thoroughly enjoyed those trips these past couple of years!

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