A Lazy Weekend

13 Feb

So I truly think that California’s weather is bipolar. Friday, I was outside BBQ in shorts and over the weekend. I was huddled under a fuzzy blanket sipping cold tea and listening to Pride and Prejudice (you know it is “cold” when I run to Pride and Prejudice).In other news California is an awesome state but a little quirky at times….probably why we get along so well.

As I briefly mentioned, I was reading Pride and Prejudice. I have watched the movies (different versions) several hundred times but have yet to read the books (disgraceful). Since I promised myself that I would read at least 5 classics before I turned 29 I figured it wasn’t too early to start. The books was splendid and I enjoyed being swept off my feet by Mr. Darcy and his pride. The language used throughout the book was so elegant and the descriptions of the fine balls ( I sound like Lydia) were just enchanting. Can you tell how enraptured I am by this book?

I have decided to read all of my classics through Librivox. Librivox is a site that offers audio formats of various classics. These classics are then brought to life by various volunteers who read the book aloud. Librivox has an app too so if you have an iphone or ipod you can enjoy classics on the go. It really is  a handy website.

Even though I promised myself that I would read at least 5 classics it truly is a challenge for me. I don’t necessary enjoy reading classics. I get distracted very easily and can’t get motivated to read the darn book. Sad but true. Therefore, I find it an extraordinary help that Librivox provides audio books that are in the public domain for people like me (who like to cook their dinner and read a book).

In other news, since the book was longer than I expected I had some extra time to create in my craft room. Since valentine’s day is tomorrow I knew that making valentines was on the top of my list. As I sat there contemplating all the ways to complicate a valentine…I came to the conclusion that simple can be elegant. Maybe it was Elizabeth Benet describing Mr. Darcy’s pride maybe it was  pure genius. We may never know.

Have a great day.


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