Spring sprang and then went back to sleep

29 Feb

Just when I was getting in the spring mood it gets cold again. Really? To say that I was bummed, is an understatement. My fingers were just itching to dig in the dirt and start planting this year’s garden. Alas, the rain and hail and snow.
So I stomped back inside asked a dear friend to come over and get me out of my pity party. She is a delightful person who can make even the worst day seem sunny. Shortly after my phone call she drives up to my house (it was pouring rain). Her good mood started to rub off on me and in no time we were laughing and crafting and eating ice cream (yes it was still raining and hailing).

We went on Pinterest to get some ideas and we found this adorable  tutorial over at Sincerely Kinsey.What we loved about this craft was the simplicity of it and yet it looked so unique. I was thrilled. I don’t think I have taken my necklace off since I made it.
Bird necklace

So glad that I have two cute little love birds hanging on my neck waiting for spring. Even more thrilled that I have such a dear sweet friend that would hang out with a grumpy hobbit and help me see rainbows on raining days.


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