8 Mar


As I was munching on my bagel and listening to the pastor this Sunday he mentioned something about Easter eggs. That got me thinking…

Trying not to get side tracked. I wiped out my handy dandy notebook and wrote down Easter eggs. Well, life has been a little busy lately refer to this post. I finally got a chance to sit down and read my own thoughts. After a quick trip to the thrift store (I swear the employees know me by name) I came home with my treasures.

I had intended to fill these Easter eggs with candy for a program my church was hosting but after seeing all the cool things you can do with Easter Eggs I decided that I may have to go back and get more. Look what I found….

You can make glow in the dark fireflies– this is so ingenious.

Plastic Egg Snake– I instantly thought of making one of these to use when I read Mouse Count by Ellen Stoll

Storage idea– I need to put some doggie treats in my car for Darcy.

Stop over and check out the Geeky House Wife’s list of uses for plastic eggs

Plastic Eggs in the kitchen

Eighteen 25 has a great download and idea to cheer up your friends or family.


Enjoy the links and enjoy the day friends.


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