Photoshop newbie

13 Mar

My sweet husband sometimes brings me home “prizes”. He came up with this idea of rewarding each other for being so awesome. Once a week he will bring home a prize. It is usually something small and meaningful like a cupcake from a party at work, or a letter that he wrote on his lunch break, or ice cream. Well about two weeks ago he told me that when we both get home tonight he would have a prize for me. I was excited thinking that he picked up on my hints about Root beer floats. Imagine my surprise when my prize was Photoshop Elements 10.

I think my mouth just hung open. I had been gawking at that program for a year now but haven’t purchased it because I kept rationalizing that I didn’t really need it when I could use Gimp a free editing program. After asking for the receipt multiple times we loaded it on my computer and started messing around with it.

I don’t think I will ever top the surprise on that weekly prize! He tried to trick me and take me to the bookstore under the guise of “letting me smell the books” but I caught on to his clever schemes and I knew that what he really wanted to do was to buy books on how to use Photoshop Elements. After I distracted him with dinner I went online and requested a couple of books from the library.

My current reading material looks like this. I laugh to myself when I used to say that I wouldn’t read non-fiction books. Jokes on me! I have been lovin Pugly Pixel which is a blog I was reading before Photoshop Elements but now makes so much more sense. Plus she has a cute little mellow pug that is just so dang cute.

While I am reading and studying Photoshop Elements my little dog does hits the snooze button and falls back asleep yet again. I might if I am lucky get the “your crazy” look but that is all I get from the ever present Ms. Darcy.


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