Toms: A day without shoes 2012

2 Apr

As I opened my mailbox this afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to see a package from Toms. I was a little curious so as any rational person would do I didn’t wait till I got home but rather opened my parcel right there in the middle of the sidewalk. Inside was a nail polish from Essie and a flyer about Day Without Shoes.

What is Day Without Shoes?

Basically it is about people going without shoes so that they can raise awareness about the impact that shoes can make a person’s life.  A pair of shoes can go a long way…quite literally.

I remember last year and how “stretching” that was for me. It really put into perspective how blessed I am to have the small things that I take advantage of like shoes, clothes and clean water. Walking a mile in someone else footprints is challenging but it adds perspective. Things that used to make a world of difference in light of the poverty surrounding me seems frivolous and silly.

Find out more here


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