Dear ugly day, take a hike. Love, me.

10 Apr

So I was having an ugly day. 

Have you ever had a day like that?

What is an ugly day some may be pondering? An ugly day is when your hair decides to be creative and stick up in every direction so you look like a gopher with a mohawk. An ugly day is when you pull out a pair of jeans (you never liked in the first place) and they don’t fit and you get mad and throw them in the donation pile. An ugly day just stinks and there is no way around it other than through it.

So it was one of those days.

Luckily, I have some super duper friends who don’t let me stay in the dumps for too long. Things started to look up when Little Miss Sunshine (you know who you are) brought over the big glitter set from Martha Stewart. You know which one I am talking about…24 shades of glitter…someone just pinch me.

After I stopped drooling over the glitter we got to work. You see Little Miss Sunshine doesn’t play around when it comes to glitter. I believe her motto is “craft or go home”. I love you Little Miss Sunshine!

I was on my way to fancy glittery toenails.

First, we painted our nails with clear nail polish.

Then we chose our favorite glitter color. This took a while since there are sooo many to choose from. We should have down our fingers and toes all different colors.

Shook a little glitter on the clear top coat and like them dry.

Look how they came out. I was overjoyed to say the least.

Take that “ugly day”.

You know what they say..”you can’t be grumpy with glittery toes”. Do they say that? I don’t think they do. I totally just made that up.   If you are ever having an ugly day I highly suggest painting your toes with glitter.


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