The art of being still and knowing

23 Apr

“Be still and know that I am God”-Psalms 46:10

Funny how many times I find myself coming back to this very verse.  I can distinctly remember several occasions when I clung to this verse like a life preserver.

Occasion 1: The summer between middle school and high school. I sat in a bathroom stall all pumped up about rededicating my life to Christ. Thinking to myself…I am going to loose all of my friends because of this choice. Friends are a big deal during high school (just in case you forgot).

Occasion 2: Flash forward to college. I was filled with questions like… What if I can’t get that last class I need to finish my degree? Am I wasting my time going to school? Why don’t I have a boyfriend when everyone else does? Am I unattractive? Worries…worries….worries…

Occasion 3: Getting ready to walk down the aisle. At the time I didn’t know how to cook, or do anything domestic (kinda funny thinking back on that). My biggest question was “Oh God. What if I fail?”

Occasion 4: Getting on a plane with my husband (only three days into marriage) and flying to a state far away from anything familiar.   Not a single familiar face in the whole state.Crying alone in my one  bed room apartment pleading with God to show me how this fits into his plan for my life?

You see me and this verse we have a track record. In each of the above occasions I felt unsure of what the future may have in store for me. I wasn’t trusting in who I knew God was. I was only pointing out the circumstances and feelings that surrounded me and that can be a very lonely and scary place. Trust me, I know. I’ve been there more times then I care to remember.

That’s the beauty of this verse….it reminds me that even in the current ocean of problems, worries, or heartaches that God is still the same God he was yesterday, and the day before that, and a hundred and fifty seven days before that.

I beginning to understand that although my circumstances change, my worries about  the future change, and my friends and relationships change, God doesn’t change. God is the constant in my life. The one that never gives up on me no matter how much I want to give up. I have found that when I start to focus on the character of God rather than my problems I begin to see a beauty in the storms.


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