The List

2 May

22936769_041_b.jpg (1067×1600)

Photo Credit: Honey and Fitz

I have been longing to make this sweater for about last November when Dina first posted about this sweater.It has been on my 28 Before 29 List for several months. Luckily, for this babe, cardigans are a staple.Click here for the directions.


Photo Credit: Lovely Indeed

The Sweetest Occasion  posted these printables back in February (Click here for printables). I still want to print them out even though Valentine’s day was a few months back.

Picture Credit: The Dating Divas

I found The Dating Divas by complete accident and now I just can’t get enough of this website. This website gives you tons of date ideas to do with your significant other. When I stumped for something to do on a Friday night this is where I turn for ideas.

I guess three things on my list is enough considering it has been such a challenge for me to even get those few things done!

Wishing you the most productive of days!


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