Stumped for a mother’s day gift?

10 May

I was really stumped for a mother’s day present a few days ago.  I am feeling a little more confident today thanks to the lovely comments (good thing too because Mother’s day is this weekend.) I thought I would share a few things that caught my eye this week. They may help you in your search for the perfect present. Or if you are similar to me, you might make them for yourself.

Picture Source: Making it Lovely

I thought that this “A time to create box” was super fun and creative. Nichole over at Making it Lovely shows you the step by step. Interested? Click Here. This project got me thinking you could use this same idea and fill it with another theme as well. I was thinking a cupcake making kit with liners, frosting, cupcake mix and sprinkles. Or for the mom who enjoys gardening you could put some fake grass on the bottom of the box and put some seeds and gardening tools and a magazine. The possibilities are endless.

Picture Source: Ikea Hackers

This photo instantly reminds me of a dear friend “The Artsy One”. She has several lanterns scattered all over her backyard. I love it. I seriously do. I sit out there and imagine I am camping, or in a diamond mine, or a lighthouse keeper. Yes, I have a wild imagination but it’s fun. So back the lanterns…they are neato!

Want to make one? Click here to find out.

Picture Source: Meek + Chic

I LOVE this gift idea. If you click here you can get the free download and the instructions for this project. It is the perfect thing for the coffee drinking mama. I think a 5 dollar gift card would pair quite nicely with this gift.

Have a great day friends!


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