Advice from Laura 2.0

23 May

This picture is about 6 years old. I found it today as I was cleaning out some junk drawers. I looked at myself and thought what advice would I give myself if I could blast to the past. This is my advice:

Be courageous…wimpy doesn’t become you.

Your not fat eat the cake don’t count the calories. 

Enjoy the moment things happen so fast and then they are gone.

Don’t take your self too serious you born to be silly. 

Whatever the season of life you are in, thrive in that season. Don’t just get by. 

Give people second chances and thirds and fourths (keep counting) they are a student at life too. 

Give grace

Be creative. Don’t be afraid. Art is for you…an expression of you

Your husband is your best friend for life so play nicely

Give people high fives whenever you can (it makes them feel better).

Make friends with the butcher. He knows how to cook meat and he usually has some recipes up his sleeve.

Read your book .There will be time to clean and get groceries. You only have your “good eyes” for a little while. 

Make every action count. 

Don’t read bad books…seriously life is too short for that nonsense. 

Don’t be afraid to say no thank you, but always do so with a smile and a compliment. 

Laugh at yourself and other cute things you see along the way. 

Being alone feels strange at first, but being in your own company is the place that you find yourself. 

Do the best work you can whether it be at school, work, or volunteering. Never give anyone work that isn’t your best. 


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