Picture Me Domestic: Self Portrait Contest

25 May

Hi Friends,

Scrolling through my blogs this morning I came across this self portrait contest on The Letter 4.


I thought that it would be kinda fun to take a self portrait of me being domestic. That word domestic always makes me think of cows…random thought. Anyway, it took me a few hours to think of something fun and available (I couldn’t milk the cows because I don’t have any). This is what I came up with.

That screams domestic doesn’t it? I think so. I mean I can’t get more angelic than reading a Better Homes and Gardens magazine and snacking on Nutella.  Let me, let you in on a little insider knowledge that isn’t the store size Nutella. Oh no dear friends! That is the extra huge, I’m sharing with 30 of my closest friends size, except I don’t share with others unless I really like you or I am related to you and thereby obligated to keep relational peace.

So that’s me being domestic, greedily eating Nutella from the jar with my hands and reading.

Happy Friday


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