I’m Moving!

1 Jun

Hi Friends,

I have tried to write this post three times now. I don’t think this one will be any better but I promised myself not to erase it. I am moving blogs. I will now be located at The Snail’s Life. Be sure to change your browser’s and re-subscribe to the new location. I will keep this blog active and periodically check in on it.

I am excited about my new blog  but it feels kinda sad leaving this blog. All my friends are here. I do hope that you will follow me over to blogger. Please stop by the new blog and say hello. I feel like I moved into a new house with a new neighborhood. 😦


One Response to “I’m Moving!”

  1. yolanda rios June 2, 2012 at 7:46 pm #

    as always laura YOU MAKE ME LAUGH!!!! why oh why can’t I ever keep a stright face when I read your blog….well I promise to read your blog everyday, but I do not think I personallly have 100 days of summer, I am going to read nonstop, because it is whaat I like to do..I am going to every “new movie” that comes out that intersts me, and I am going to have friends over to barbeque and jusst visit…I hope to spend more that just once in a while with you and I hope to have awsome fun time with you, not too much sun though cuz I already have my color in.I hope to stay up at least 20 hours a day, cuz I want to get the most out of the 24!! hahahah I hope to go to the beach “just to read and look out at and enjoy the ocean, and I hope to spend plenty of time with my sister, we both need it!!! well, i knosw

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