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The Garden

16 May

I took a chance in 2010 and attempted to grow my first garden. You can read more about it here if you are interested. I had a large piece of unused “dirt” in our backyard and I thought it would be the perfect place for a garden. What I soon discovered was that it wasn’t a patch of dirt at all but a hidden marsh! Although, I did yield a small crop that year (I rejoiced over the few chilies I grew). I knew I was hot stuff after that first garden. I am human, hear me garden!

Much Better

The next year I decided to that it was time to get rid of the muddy backyard and try something different. My husband and I both decided that concrete would be the best alternative to mud. We spent most of the summer treating the ground behind the brick wall getting it ready for my garden.

I started all of our plants from seedlings. Click here for more on that. I was extremely proud when we put these little guys in their new home and they just took off and started producing fruit. Oh the joy! Then the wind came and that was a sad day.

The Day the Wind Came

I think I sat there and cried for at least 15 minutes. I was just devastated. Thanks to a comment from one of my readers who suggested that I continue to care for my garden and not be discouraged from the set back, my garden came back to life and produced double the crop that I had the year before.

To be honest this year is starting off kinda unmotivated. I started off with good intentions to start all my plants from seedlings (in January) but that’s about the same time that we adopted Darcy and most of my attention went to her. My seedlings didn’t last very long…I was disappointed but nothing that can’t be fixed. I went to the farmer’s market and met a really passionate gardener who got me started with pineapple mint and chocolate mint and gave me advice for the few seedlings that made it to “transplant day”. This year my garden is a hybrid of seedlings grown from seed and plants I bought from the farmers market (technically he grew them from seed).

I will keep you posted on my gardening adventures as I am sure there will be some interesting stories to tell (there always are) and some interesting bugs to photograph (they totally creep me out…especially the tomato bugs).

The List

2 May

22936769_041_b.jpg (1067×1600)

Photo Credit: Honey and Fitz

I have been longing to make this sweater for about last November when Dina first posted about this sweater.It has been on my 28 Before 29 List for several months. Luckily, for this babe, cardigans are a staple.Click here for the directions.


Photo Credit: Lovely Indeed

The Sweetest Occasion  posted these printables back in February (Click here for printables). I still want to print them out even though Valentine’s day was a few months back.

Picture Credit: The Dating Divas

I found The Dating Divas by complete accident and now I just can’t get enough of this website. This website gives you tons of date ideas to do with your significant other. When I stumped for something to do on a Friday night this is where I turn for ideas.

I guess three things on my list is enough considering it has been such a challenge for me to even get those few things done!

Wishing you the most productive of days!

A Lazy Weekend

13 Feb

So I truly think that California’s weather is bipolar. Friday, I was outside BBQ in shorts and over the weekend. I was huddled under a fuzzy blanket sipping cold tea and listening to Pride and Prejudice (you know it is “cold” when I run to Pride and Prejudice).In other news California is an awesome state but a little quirky at times….probably why we get along so well.

As I briefly mentioned, I was reading Pride and Prejudice. I have watched the movies (different versions) several hundred times but have yet to read the books (disgraceful). Since I promised myself that I would read at least 5 classics before I turned 29 I figured it wasn’t too early to start. The books was splendid and I enjoyed being swept off my feet by Mr. Darcy and his pride. The language used throughout the book was so elegant and the descriptions of the fine balls ( I sound like Lydia) were just enchanting. Can you tell how enraptured I am by this book?

I have decided to read all of my classics through Librivox. Librivox is a site that offers audio formats of various classics. These classics are then brought to life by various volunteers who read the book aloud. Librivox has an app too so if you have an iphone or ipod you can enjoy classics on the go. It really is  a handy website.

Even though I promised myself that I would read at least 5 classics it truly is a challenge for me. I don’t necessary enjoy reading classics. I get distracted very easily and can’t get motivated to read the darn book. Sad but true. Therefore, I find it an extraordinary help that Librivox provides audio books that are in the public domain for people like me (who like to cook their dinner and read a book).

In other news, since the book was longer than I expected I had some extra time to create in my craft room. Since valentine’s day is tomorrow I knew that making valentines was on the top of my list. As I sat there contemplating all the ways to complicate a valentine…I came to the conclusion that simple can be elegant. Maybe it was Elizabeth Benet describing Mr. Darcy’s pride maybe it was  pure genius. We may never know.

Have a great day.

Trash to Treasure

7 Feb

Hey Everyone,

I know it has been a while and I am sorry for that. I have to be honest. I haven’t been reading nor have I been visiting my craft room.

*insert gasp*

I have however been shopping thrift store and looking for the ever so elusive yard sale signs. Just as luck would have it I was driving home the other day and I spotted a yard sale sign. I browsed around (nothing is my thrilling then shopping through other people’s junk) and decided there was nothing I wanted. Mr. Snail on the other hand had found something that caught his eye. A very old (very ugly) side table. Apparently, while I was “shopping” he had asked the yard sale attendee how much the side table cost.

He came over very discreetly and mentioned that the table was only 5 bucks. He thought this was a great idea. Myself on the other hand hated the ugly thing.  “Fine.” I retorted very tartly.

We ended up taking the side table home.

The next day as I was browsing alone (I am a fast learner) at the thrift store I came across a very vintage looking side table. It wasn’t the color I necessarily wanted but I figured I could paint it. I bought that beauty for 10 bucks and was happy as a clam.

A few days later (now you know why I wasn’t in my craft room…I had bigger fish to fry) as I was sanding this table down to its original beauty an idea struck me. Why not sand them both down and then repaint them both. I love those light bulb moments.

As you may have already guessed. I sanded them both done to their “younger years” and I decided to paint one and stain the other. I felt so proud walking into Lowes and declaring that I needed sand paper and wood stain. It’s silly but I felt like “I am woman. Hear me roar.” Ok….that really is silly.

The finished products were awesome. I mean for 15 bucks you really can’t beat that. Or could you? Off to the thrift store.

This one is the piece I found at the thrift store.

Side Table

This is the piece Mr. Snail found at the yard sale. I have to admit this is one of my favorite pieces because we use this as my cookbook stash.

I believe this is the first one to be crossed off my 28 Before 29 list

Night Stand

28 Before 29

23 Jan

birthday weekend 0081. Learn about different cheeses

2. Host a Potluck

3. 5 New Photography techniques

4.Flower arranging….learn how

5. Make homemade valentines day cards

6. Make my own jewelry

7. Decorate kitchen

8. Take a photography class online

9. Pasta shapes

10. Drying Pasta

11. Make Gelato

12. Learn about food and music pairing

13. Do another victory garden

14. Bike ride to a new city

15. Walk in the grass barefoot after it rains

16. Do Kitchen Boot camp

17. Finish baking boot camp

18. Read 5 books that are classics or award books

19. Make something with constellations on it

20. Host a photo shoot

21. Restore two pieces of furniture

22. Make a pot holder

23. Learn to do fancy things with nail polish on my nails

24. Learn to do cute hair styles

25. Take Mr. Snail somewhere awesome but keep it a secret

26. Take a Piyo class

27. Make my own tea towels

28.  Make my own table cloth