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I’m Moving!

1 Jun

Hi Friends,

I have tried to write this post three times now. I don’t think this one will be any better but I promised myself not to erase it. I am moving blogs. I will now be located at The Snail’s Life. Be sure to change your browser’s and re-subscribe to the new location. I will keep this blog active and periodically check in on it.

I am excited about my new blog  but it feels kinda sad leaving this blog. All my friends are here. I do hope that you will follow me over to blogger. Please stop by the new blog and say hello. I feel like I moved into a new house with a new neighborhood. 😦

Song of the day

24 May

Made from trash

28 Jan

cilantroDo you know how expensive herbs are at the store? Like 3 bucks a pop! I think my eyes were bugging out of my head when I saw the price tag. Seriously, that is a ton of money for a one time gig with herbs. I typically, don’t buy herbs at the grocery store because I usually just go get them out of my garden. Unfortunately, my garden is hibernating so to find some in there would be impossible.
So I begrudgingly purchased the herbs. As I was about to take my bags and sulk all the way to the car the clerk asked me if I ever tried to plant the herbs? I think I may have hugged the poor girl from sheer delight. Of course…plant them. Due to weather conditions growing anything right now would be silly. I needed a container.

That’s when luck threw me a bone…or rather a milk crate. I was over my grandmother’s house when I saw this old soda crate in the trash pile. She was happy enough to let me have it seeing as it was headed for the dump truck anyway.

I gleefully ran home and got to work. Needless to say I was very pleased with the result and so where my herbs.

Milk Crate


30 Sep




Emily 2011 080

Quiet please…class is in session.

14 Sep

I’m a student again! I am so excited. I kept my husband up till midnight talking about how I think my teacher is the coolest person I’ve met all month. To think it’s only the 14 of September.

Perhaps I should explain my excitement. Earlier this year my hubby together with both our families gifted me with a Cannon Rebel T2I DSLR Camera. I was shocked. I’m glad no one had a camera during that moment because I probably looked like a goof ball with my mouth wide open. I was so excited to start taking incredible pictures. Well that didn’t happen as quickly as I had imagined. They were okay but they certainly weren’t matching up to my expectations.

I knew it was time to get more involved in my photography.

I began searching all over for photography class. I looked at community colleges, private schools and even private teachers.  Something was always in the way, price, distance (another state), and scheduling. I was so bummed. In a last attempt effort, I sent out a message to my friends asking if any of them knew of any photography classes.

One of my friends responded back that her church was offering free photography classes. She mentioned that it didn’t start for another 4 months but she highly recommended it so I was intrigued.

Yesterday was my first class and I absolutely LOVED it! Our teacher is one of the photographers from Stark Love Photography. Jhen is not only passionate about photography and after looking at her blog I think she is into vintage as well.  *Squeal*

Hopefully after this class I can feel confident about checking off another item from my 27 Before 28 list.

Blog Makeover

19 Aug

I am really excited to let you all in on this little secret. I have been secretly working on changing the look and feel of A Snail’s Life. To be honest it has taken me a little while but I am pleased with how it looks and hope (fingers crossed) to add a few more things to it. Have a great weekend everyone!


A Splash of Craftiness

24 Jun

“Seriously, what can be more fun than spending a few hours in an open studio?”

This was the beginning of my day. Wonder who I am talking to? Well none other than my best friend and partner in everything! I am trying to convince him that taking an art history class and demonstration would be the best way to spend our day off together. I wasn’t that convincing….not yet at least.

As I was about to jump in my sweet lil vintage hottie and drive down the studio who do you think came to meet me at the door. You guessed it….my partner in everything.

“Sweet. You wanna come? “

I asked very hesitantly, didn’t want to frighten the dear boy off. “Yeah..I’ll go check it out but if it is for kids or she has us drawing a self-portrait with crayons, I ‘m out of there.” I thought that was fair enough so off we went in a car with no air in the marvelous heat of California. What a picture.

When we arrived I casually asked if this was a class for kids or adults? She responded that it is geared to kids but adults can do it too. I saw my partner start to back away to the door. Luckily, the attendant added, “but painting is relaxing so you BOTH should come in.” God bless that lady she did more to save my impromptu date than she will ever know.

The tables were covered in white butcher paper and I thought to myself “at last someone who understands that art is messy.” Suddenly feeling a bit more at ease, I grabbed my paint brush and started to imagine all the things we were going to create.

That day we were exploring Dutch Hex Symbols and how to create one. We were told that they were symbols to represent your family or yourself. To find out more on Dutch Hex Symbols click here. They are very interesting.

As I mentioned before me and my hubby are like night in day. Our ways of creating art were very characteristic of our personalities. Ryan took the assignment as a task and began to draw with a pencil using rulers, pencils, and diagrams. I, on the other hand, reached for the paint and just began to paint what I felt. It was very funny to watch.

Here is Mr. Snail’s Art

Every color was perfectly chosen. Each triangle is exactly equal length from the other triangle. It was a perfect completion of the project. If the project would have been graded Mr. Snail would have received a gold star. I was very proud.

Here is my project:

I started with no general idea of what the outcome would be. I used some of the brightest colors I could find and I just painted. The teacher would have smiled at mine in a “poor girl” kind of way.

Final Thoughts:

Mr. Snail: Is really talented at drawing and painting. There are some techniques that he used like dry brushing and blending that you can’t see from the picture but are prevalent in his finished project.